Thousands of bricks become your picture

Your picture as a brick mosaic.
A real eye-catcher!

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What is brixio?

Your picture will become a brick mosaic. Bricks from brixio are compatible with LEGO and all popular brands.

Upload your picture for free, choose your design and order: within a few days you'll receive everything you need to get started right away: we'll create your individual set consisting of personalized instructions that show you step by step how to create your big overall picture.

The great thing: several people can build on our mosaics at the same time - so you can decide for yourself whether it should be an individual achievement or a family work!

Create your brick mosaic

How does it work?

With our configurator, you can easily turn your favorite picture into a brick mosaic!

  1. Upload your photo and create your mosaic with our configurator without obligation.
  2. Adjust filters and colors until your mosaic is perfect.
  3. We deliver 3-5 days after your order really everything you need to your home
  4. The assembly is fun and can be done by several people together.
  5. Hang it up and enjoy!

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Zusammenbau eines Klemmsteinmosaik von brixio®
Vergleichsbild Klemmsteinmosiak vorher Vergleichsbild Klemmsteinmosiak nachher
Bricks as your brush

Terrific fun -
the stunning gift!

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Premium mosaics from brixio

  • brixio®-Farbpalette: 50 Farben

    50 colors for brilliant mosaics

    We access our palette of 50 radiant colors when calculating the image and select the ones that are right for you - so that your image shines in the best possible way. Each of our mosaics can consist of up to 32 different colors.

  • von Hand gepackt in Papier und Pappe

    Individually hand packed

    We use high-tech and algorithms to calculate your individual mosaic. But we pack by hand. We weigh the bricks in the appropriate colors on precision scales and pack them in paper bags. We supply paper cups, from which you can then build directly.

  • ausführliche Anleitung

    Easy to follow instructions

    You know paint by numbers? That's exactly how brixio works! In the instructions, you will find small sections of your mosaic with numbers of the respective color. These numbers are also on the respective stone bag in your brixio set.

  • erstklassige Qualität, voll kompatibel mit anderen Markensteinen

    First class quality

    We have our components manufactured in Asia to the highest quality. Nevertheless, we check the bricks and plates carefully during packing. We pay attention to color fidelity, clamping force and general condition. So you can be sure to always get a perfect brixio set.

The most beautiful motifs

Our bestsellers

Pop Art


2.500 bricks in 13 colors
size: ca. 40 x 40 cm

Das letzte Abendmahl

10.000 bricks in 24 colors
size: ca. 160 x 40 cm


1.024 bricks in 16 colors
size: ca. 25,6 x 25,6 cm
Animals & Nature


4.096 bricks in 13 colors
size: ca. 51,2 x 51,2 cm

Pyramiden von Gizeh

7.500 bricks in 22 colors
size: ca. 120 x 40 cm

Tower Bridge

15.000 bricks in 22 colors
size: ca. 120 x 80 cm
Klemmsteinmosaik-Vergleich - vorher Klemmsteinmosaik-Vergleich - hinterher
Fun for the whole family

Memories squared.
The perfect gift for any occasion.

Create mosaic from portrait


  • Einen Baum pro Bestellung

    We plant a tree for each order

    It is in the nature of things that toy bricks are made of plastic. As a small compensation we plant a tree for every order! This we do in cooperation with
  • Verpackung ohne Kunststoff

    Packing without plastic

    Even though bricks are made of plastic: Our packaging contains no plastic! We pack both the bricks and everything together exclusively in recyclable cardboard boxes.

  • Klimaneutraler Versand mit DHL

    CO2-neutral shipping

    We ship exclusively with DHL - and climate neutral!
    With DHL, your package will reach you anywhere in Germany in just a few days. Shipment tracking is of course included.

  • Umweltfreundliche Reststeine-Verwertung

    Environmentally friendly brick recycling

    You have finished your brixio mosaic and still have bricks left over? Please do not dispose of them in the trash! You can simply send them back to us! As a thank you you will receive a 10% voucher for your next order by mail!
    This does not pay off for us. But for you. And especially for the environment! You can find our address hier.

What do I get?

You get everything you need to build your mosaic.

  1. delivered in a stylish cardboard box
  2. depending on the mosaic size one or more base plate(s) - if necessary with connectors
  3. clamps sorted by color and packed in bags
  4. detailed, illustrated instructions
  5. paper cups with stickers, to start super easy right away - no additional bowls or similar necessary!
  6. a brick-tool, so that you can easily remove the wrong bricks again
  7. adhesive strips for hanging on flat surfaces - if you don't use one of our picture frames

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brixio® Verpackungen
Good to know

Frequently asked questions

How many people fit on a mosaic?

It depends on the size of the mosaic. On small mosaics consisting of one plate usually fits only one face in close-up.

For larger areas or several people, we recommend at least 2x2 plates or even larger formats. You can just try it yourself with your image in the editor!

How long will it take to assemble my mosaic?

That depends on how fast you are ;-)

As always, practice makes perfect. Experienced mosaicists manage a good 1,000 bricks per hour.

That means that you should plan at least 5 hours for a mosaic with 5,000 stones - to stay concentrated, it is recommended to take breaks - after all, it should be fun and not degenerate into stress.

What is the quality of the bricks and platges?

We have a very high quality standard. Our quality control starts at the production and ends at the packing of your mosaic. Each brick has excellent clamping force and brilliant colors.

The bricks are 1x1 bricks in 50 great colors. The bricks and baseplates are compatible with LEGO and other major brands.

And if a brick should be defective: we always pack replacement bricks, so you don't have to fret!

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