Mosaic kit

Klemmbaustein Mosaik 'Disko-Art'

Klemmbaustein-Mosaik 'Disko-Art'
Klemmstein-Mosaik: Teil-Vergrößerung
Mosaik-Ansicht auf einem Regal 'Disko-Art' (Simulation)
Raumansicht Küche Mosaik 'Klemmbaustein Mosaik 'Disko-Art'' (Simulation)
Mosaik-Ansicht 'Klemmbaustein Mosaik 'Disko-Art'' an Wand hinter Sofa
Mosaik-Ansicht 'Klemmbaustein Mosaik 'Disko-Art'' an Mauer-Wand
Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet

Small parts that can be swallowed, choking hazard!
Not suitable for children under three years.

Mosaic kit


Brick mosaic kit
Dimensions of the finished mosaic:
ca. 51,2 cm x 51,2 cm

Scope of delivery:
  • 4 base plates with 32x32 studs each
  • 4.096 bricks, assorted in 21 colors
  • brick separator
  • assembly instructions
Order the matching frame right away!
Picture frame, aluminium
Maße: ca. 54,5 cm x 54,5 cm (usable lengthwise & crosswise)

incl. VAT, plus shipping

in stock, delivery: 3-5 days*

incl. VAT, plus shipping

in stock, delivery: 3-5 days*

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Good to know

Frequently asked questions

How fast do I get my brixio set?

As soon as your order is paid - this is the case for all payment methods except prepayment immediately after ordering - your mosaic will be packed immediately.

We pack each mosaic by hand and make sure it is complete. Once it is packed and checked, it will be shipped by DHL.

Depending on the day of the week, order time and order volume at our production facility, it will take 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri) for your order to be packed and picked up by DHL no later than the next day.

DHL has average delivery times within Germany of 1-3 business days, so your order should be with you in 3-4 days at the latest.

Deliveries to foreign countries take longer, in case of doubt please ask us before placing your order!

How long will it take to assemble my mosaic?

That depends on how fast you are ;-)

As always, practice makes perfect. Experienced mosaicists manage a good 1,000 bricks per hour.

That means that you should plan at least 5 hours for a mosaic with 5,000 stones - to stay concentrated, it is recommended to take breaks - after all, it should be fun and not degenerate into stress.

How many clamping blocks make up a mosaic?

Each mosaic consists of one or more base plates. Each base plate contains 1024 or 2500 "dots", i.e. places for bricks.

Large mosaics consist of several plates.

The currently largest possible mosaic at brixio consists of 40,000 bricks and measures 1.60 x 1.60 meters!

What is the quality of the bricks and platges?

We have a very high quality standard. Our quality control starts at the production and ends at the packing of your mosaic. Each brick has excellent clamping force and brilliant colors.

The bricks are 1x1 bricks in 50 great colors. The bricks and baseplates are compatible with LEGO and other major brands.

And if a brick should be defective: we always pack replacement bricks, so you don't have to fret!

Not individual enough?

Why not take your favorite photo!

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Klemmbausteinmosaik mit Frau